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NEW ultra cost Efficient Wind Turbine Under Development

Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2016 --Thunderbird Power Corp. is building its first ultra cost efficient turbine using its patent pending breakthrough technology.

Thunderbird Power Corp. announced today it has commenced the building of its revolutionary patent pending wind turbine.

"We are thrilled that after years of research and development, along with confirmation by some of the world's most prominent turbomachinery experts, we have finally arrived at the point where we are ready to build the first ultra-efficient turbine" said President Anthony Goldstein. "The projected ROI of our technology is so statistically superior that it will dwarf all other energy producing renewable and fossil fuel technologies in terms of ROI. It is our belief that we now have a technology that will both completely disrupt the established wind power industry and at the same time allow us to create a brand new and larger global industry with Thunderbird as the only possible supplier".

A top ten US engineering institute has also confirmed that Thunderbird's "...turbine will represent a new class of wind machine; that is, a disruptive technology."

Please visit for a brief introductory video.

The exceptional ROI is due to a number of factors including:

A significantly lower cost per kW installed

  • An exponentially superior operating range
  • Producing utility grade energy in low winds (< 5 mph)
  • Significantly higher production in higher winds (50 mph)
  • No need to limit output at any wind-speed (crucial)
  • Much easier to transport and install
  • Virtually maintenance free

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    Limited investment opportunity for accredited investors.

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